Tapes Wanted

Post here if you have any audio/video tapes (eg. Cassette/VHS) or unaltered transfers uncirculated or circulated (your copy may be lower gen/better quality)
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Tapes Wanted

Postby techtuts » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:40 pm

I am looking for any tapes (can be DAT or direct to CD transfers) circulated or uncirculated, if you cannot do the transfer yourself then PM me (Can mail tapes, transfer and send back the tapes and a digital copy).

The majority of these have been released by Rubicon Reproductions only in remastered form (overly denoised, has a low bitrate mp3 like sound). I have these copies already, I'm hoping to find someone who has a tape or a unedited transfer of one of these.
Some tapes in particular that exist that we do not have original transfers of:
1979-03-19 Germany
1982-04-09 Fukuoka
1982-04-14 Nagoya
1982-04-17 Yokohama
1982-07-02 Pasadena
1983-03-01 Tokyo
1983-03-02 Tokyo (Audience)
1983-08-07 Inglewood
1983-08-09 Inglewood
1986-11-04 Hartford, CT

Tokyo, Japan 1980 (with stereo audio)
1981/82 Sound Super City Special (テレビ埼玉 + TVK 夕やけTOMATO) (Television Saitama + TVK Funky Tomato)
Japan Rock Special 83
Any footage of Houston 1980, Largo 1980, Oakland 1982 (Day on the green)
1986-12-29 Selland Arena. Fresno, CA
Any that are upgrades to widely circulated copies

If you have any tapes, either create a thread here or PM me.

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Re: Tapes Wanted

Postby faulkschon » Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:29 am

Hey somebody have a full concerts from the 1979 evolution tour ?

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