1983-03-02 Tokyo, Japan

Escape, Frontiers, Raised on Radio
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1983-03-02 Tokyo, Japan

Postby techtuts » Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:36 pm

Date: March 3rd, 1983
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Budokan
Has FM, Audience and TV source

Source 1
Source: FM (Master)
Format: FLAC
Quality: A+
Good frequency response, very good stereo imaging, a little noise. A small amount missing at the end of Who's Crying Now (fixed in remaster).

Track List:
CD 1:
101. Japanese FM radio intro
102. Chain Reaction
103. Wheel In The Sky
104. Line Of Fire
105. Send Her My Love
106. Still They Ride
107. Open Arms
108. Jonathan Cain (keyboard solo)
109. Frontiers
110. Rubicon
111. Faithfully

CD 2:
201. Who's Crying Now
202. Don't Stop Believin'
203. Stone In Love
204. Keep On Runnin'
205. Any Way You Want It
206. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
207. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
208. Don't Fight It
209. Japanese FM radio (outtro)

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Source 2
Source: Audience (Master)
Format: FLAC
Quality: B/B+ (Maybe B+/A- if left untouched)
Ok frequency response and stereo imaging, some distortion and noise. High end sounds a little odd due to incorrect denoising.
This is the Rubicon Reproductions version, it also has some high pitch tones that need to be removed (fixed in my remaster of the RR version)

Unfortunately this one has been denoised incorrectly and I do not have the original transfer, so this will have to do. If you have a tape or original transfer of this contact me.

Track List:
Disc One:
[01] Elmo's Theme
[02] Chain Reaction
[03] Wheel In The Sky
[04] Line Of Fire
[05] Send Her My Love
[06] Still They Ride
[07] Open Arms
[08] No More Lies
[09] Back Talk
[10] Jonathan Cain On Keys
[11] Frontiers
[12] Rubicon
[13] Steve Smith On Drums
[14] Edge Of The Blade
[15] Faithfully
[16] Who's Crying Now

Disc Two:
[01] Don't Stop Believin'
[02] Stone In Love
[03] Keep On Runnin'
[04] Any Way You Want It
[05] Escape
[06] Separate Ways (World's Apart)
[07] After The Fall
[08] Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
[09] Lights
[10] Don't Fight It

(Looking for unedited version, contact me if you have tape or original transfer)
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Source 3: (New)
Format: FLAC
Source: Audience (Master)
Quality: B+/A-
Quality increases a bit as the show goes on.
Frequency response and stereo imaging is good. A little distortion and noise. I think the taper may have had the levels a little high as there is some distortion on the louder tracks and a little limiting on the clapping.
Same tracklist as audience above, a little of Who's crying now and Don't fight it is patched with the FM.
Overall, I'd say it was better than the above copy (and is also complete), the other copy has been badly edited.

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TV Source (NHK Young Music Show):
Format: DVD (PCM audio)
Quality: Video: B+, Audio: A+ (Uses my remastered audio rather than mono TV source)
Set List/Chapters:
1. Chain Reaction
2. Send Her My Love
3. Still They Ride
4. Open Arms
5. Rubicon
6. Faithfully
7. Who's Crying Now
8. Don't Stop Believin'
9. Keep On Runnin'
10. Any Way You Want It
11. Separate Ways

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Re: 1983-03-02 Tokyo, Japan

Postby mhmrules » Fri May 26, 2017 8:55 pm

Is this version of After the Fall featured on the Greatest Hits Live CD?

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Re: 1983-03-02 Tokyo, Japan

Postby JRNY1986 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 8:56 pm

Yes... Except the versions on the Greatest Hits album were abbreviated in post.

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